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I'm the bit of everything with a touch of something.


Born in Beirut, Lebanon but lived abroad the greater majority of my life, I've dwelled into many types of cultures and grew a love for learning more. Photography was something I oddly picked up back in 2009 when I had my first digital camera and photographed a cockroach that was eaten by ants. I named the series "Survival of the Fittest" and without realizing my talent I submit it into a contest in which placed third the my category in the International Photography Award. Luck? Maybe, but it was something I decided to develop. Today, like many artists, my style has evolved across the years going from conceptual creative works to more situational life-like photographs. As it still develops, I try to always apply the style thats unique to me and you can notice it across all my work. Self taught through trial and error, I reached a point where I'm expanding my horizons. Developing my skills on both the ground and air, I will be aiming to capture all perspectives with my new gadgets. One last thing, totally unrelated to photography, I make kick ass burgers. Burger shack is my next life goal :)


I hope you enjoy my work and thank you!

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